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Design solutions for marketing communication.
For enterprises, institutions and networks.
Purposefully and customer-oriented, usable and cross the media! By the formular:

Brand = Interface = Communication = Service = Product ...

» Corporate branding: How to increase your brand and image values through absolute quality of products, service, interface... Customers and clients will (love to!) welcome you with open arms!

» Customer orientation & usability: Consistently aligning at customers´ preferences, at users and partners! Case example website: Sales through the web are strikingly increased by usability! "Factor 10" of ROI is a fact.

» Cooperation & networking: How to become more efficient and flexible by strategical networks, external resources, partner enterprises, co-workers and new technologies.

Kai Schaufler • Usable Design is designing prospects, develops strategies, creates identities — and carries out respective measures systematically.

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